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Obamacare: A Crash Course In Government Inefficiency

Does anyone really believe that the federal government's multi-TRILLION-dollar takeover of healthcare will make it better or cheaper or more efficient? Hillary Clinton says she does. But then, who can believe Hillary Clinton? Do you think the doctor who recently visited her at home and diagnosed pneumonia was paid by Obamacare? Doesn't your Obamacare doctor visit you at home?

Everyone has heard about the U.S. military buying $500 hammers and $1,000 toilet seats. With Obamacare, it's just a matter of time until we have $500 Band-Aids and $1,000 aspirin. Who's going to pay for all that? Certainly not Hillary Clinton.

And what about the home financing industry? The U.S. government has taken over the business of financing homes by having the U.S. government essentially guarantee and then take over the largest mortgage companies in America (FNMA and FHLMC). Does anyone think that home mortgage companies run by the U.S. government will be better or more efficient? The total costs to homeowners, including increased taxes to pay for government involvement, will simply increase.

Do the American people really comprehend that our national debt has doubled with Barack Obama as president? Do people really understand the burden that is being transferred to our children and grandchildren? And what did we get for the $9 TRILLION of additional debt that must be repaid along with TRILLIONS in additional interest? The Clintons ended up with a multi-BILLION-dollar, family-run foundation that spends millions to pay for Hillary's private jet travel. What did YOU get other than higher taxes and more national debt?

And how about government price fixing: The U.S. government has arbitrarily fixed the interest rate on your life savings at virtually zero, way less than the rate of inflation.

How about the U.S. government creating trade policies that enable China and Mexico and other countries to flourish while America stagnates and U.S. jobs move overseas?

Would you ever buy a pair of shoes from the U.S. government? How about clothes or food or a cell phone? Of course not! That sounds like the old Communist Russia, doesn't it? And we all know how that worked out for Russia and its citizens (as well as every other country that has been under expanded government control). How can people believe the government can provide better healthcare, or provide better home financing, when government could never even provide a better pair of shoes?

Government is essential for providing law and order, national defense, highways, and many other functions. Government should not provide medical care, or manage home financing businesses, or undermine U.S. manufacturers, or make shoes.

Whatever happened to freedom and to our founding fathers' belief of: Government is Best which Governs Least? Our founding fathers did not set up government managed healthcare and government managed home financing, etc., etc., etc. Instead, they set up limited government and individual freedom and America flourished and achieved the most significant advances ever achieved by any civilization in the history of the world! How have we done since government expanded into all areas of everyone's life?

Is America a communist country? Or is it the land of the free and the home of the brave? The home of freedom and of the American Dream?


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